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18k gold plated jewelry from Brazil. All our pieces are hypoallergenic and nickel-free.

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Mirage EarringsMirage Earrings
Mirage Earrings Sale price$58.00
Riviera Glam EarringsRiviera Glam Earrings
Riviera Glam Earrings Sale price$62.00
Coastal Peaks EarringsCoastal Peaks Earrings
Coastal Peaks Earrings Sale price$56.00
Heart Shell EarringsHeart Shell Earrings
Heart Shell Earrings Sale price$54.00
Ocean Whisper BraceletOcean Whisper Bracelet
Ocean Whisper Bracelet Sale price$44.00
Island Bead BraceletIsland Bead Bracelet
Island Bead Bracelet Sale price$42.00
Royale BraceletRoyale Bracelet
Royale Bracelet Sale price$42.00
Ruby EarringsRuby Earrings
Ruby Earrings Sale price$62.00
Scarlet Petal EarringsScarlet Petal Earrings
Scarlet Petal Earrings Sale price$49.00
Godmother StudsGodmother Studs
Godmother Studs Sale price$38.00
Mom Mixed Metal HoopsMom Mixed Metal Hoops
Mom Mixed Metal Hoops Sale price$42.00
River EarringsRiver Earrings
River Earrings Sale price$44.00
Peach Flower EarringsPeach Flower Earrings
Peach Flower Earrings Sale price$44.00
Appaloosa EarringsAppaloosa Earrings
Appaloosa Earrings Sale price$48.00
Pony StudsPony Studs
Pony Studs Sale price$27.00
Forest HoopsForest Hoops
Forest Hoops Sale price$37.00
Rodeo RingRodeo Ring
Rodeo Ring Sale price$45.00
Saddle EarringsSaddle Earrings
Saddle Earrings Sale price$58.00